The other player in The Catch wonders about his own legacy Dallas Cowboys' Everson Walls, obscured at rear, defends as San Francisco 49ers' Dwight Clark leaps high in the end zone to catch a Joe Montana pass for a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship NFL football game at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. Walls doesn't Cheap Jerseys want to talk about The Catch, and not just because he wasn't the one catching the ball. Everson Walls doesn't want to talk about The Catch, and not just because he wasn't the one catching the ball. "It's not fresh anymore," Walls said. "I can't make it any more cheap jersey shop than it was." He does want to talk about Dwight Clark, who leaped high over him that fateful day at Candlestick Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys Park in a play that will live in NFL lore. And he does want to talk about Wholesale Jerseys a football culture that for far too long ignored the price he, Clark and other players paid on the field. It angers him every time he hears about "a suicide or illness you know is related to the game we love," Walls said. "Some of the old-school owners and even coaches back in the day never even cared about players, and then they feign sympathy after the fact. To me that's the most important thing about what's going on with Dwight right now." What's going on with Clark, he revealed last week, is that he has ALS, the devastating muscle disease that is always fatal. Clark wrote that he already has weakness in his hands and midsection, and can't run or play golf anymore. The only bright spot for discount jerseys Clark is that the disease seems to be progressing slower than with most others. Walls and Clark became friends while appearing together in autograph shows, signing their names to the famous photo of The Catch on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Walls plans to call the man he will be forever linked with to offer support. "A great receiver and he gave everything he had to the game," Walls said. "We're actually pretty good friends." More information can follow, thank you!